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Necessity for maintenance
Electronic door is combination of electromechanical products of software and singlechip control,in which there is high technology content,so that if you want to mainten it,you must be trained first.The components has life cycle,especially some damageable ones.Also its life is connected to its usage.In order to keep the door lock in normal running,you must maintan ELITE Electronic door lock system regurally.

Capability and Failures form of damageable components

Article Name

Damaged component, appearan-ce


Theory parameter

Actual usage time

Main bolt

1.Auxiliary bolt broked, has obvious broke mark.

The door can hardly close for the auxiliary bolt doesn't work well.If you don't change it on time,it will cause more searious problem such as components in lock core get damaged!

10 years

About 8 years

2.Rivet joint come off, doesn't have obvious broke mark.

Main bolt can't be back when unlocking.You can't unlock by mechanical key,card or even can't unlock when in the room.It is the seariousest problem.

Anti-prize bolt


Broke, can't be put back

The lock core or other components will be damaged if can't be changed on time.

8 years

About 6 years

Clutch assembly


Damaged, has obvious mark.

Can't unlock just by inserting 1 time,it needs to insert many times

6 years

About 4 years

Micro switch


Aging, has obvious mark

Motor can be reset on time when unlocking if the main bolt switch damaged,in this way,battery will be running out quickly;A lots of cars can't unlock if the dead bolt switch get damaged; Unlocking records can't be recorded if mechancial switch get damaged.

50,000 times

About 4 years

Switch socket


Has obvious mark

It will cause some micro switch can't work!

7 years

About 5 years

Bend spring


Broke, has obvious mark

Handle can be reset.It has problem to unlock;Also it will influence its appearance

8 years

7-8 years

Anti-prize spring


Broke, anti-bolt can be reset

Door can't be closed.Lock core or other components will get damaged if not change it on time!

6 years

About 4 years

Electrome-chanical spring


Broke, doesn't have obvious mark

You can't unlock even when inserting card

5 years

More than 4 years

IC Card socket


Damaged, has obvious mark

In order to unlock,you need to insert card many times; or you can't unlock at all!

100,000 times

6-8 years



Damaged, has obvious mark

Sometimes you can unlock when inserting card,but sometimes not

10 years

10 years

All kinds of screws

Lost, has obvious mark

It will influence door lock's normal using

10 years

More than 10 year

Safeguard and maintain the implementing regulations
1. Each year,we will visit you at least 2 times,to see if there are some problems,if there is,try best to solve them.
2. We will do mainten to each door lock,put lube in each lock core each two years at a time when the hotel is not busy.
3. You 'd better use the batteries suppot or recommended by us. 
4. Concern about hotel's day-to-day repairment,we will support circumspect and timely service.
5. We will check system software each year,to make sure the system is in steady status.We will upgrade the software freely.
6. We will not charge for maintenance,components( except if it damaged factitiously,when it is damaged by man,then we can negotate about the case).
7. Please sign your name on Repaire bill,in order to supervise our worker's work.
8. It is good to select service checking time to be each 2 years,in order to keep service's integrality and its effect.

Service process

Long-distance service.jpg

Long-distance service

Receive timely.jpg

Receive timely

Take down door lock.jpg

Take down door lock



mechanical maitenance.jpg

mechanical maitenance

system maintenance.jpg

system maintenance

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door lock setting

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